According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for health care managers and administrators is growing at a rate faster than most other industries. Earning an MBA in healthcare administration can provide students with the knowledge and experience needed to advance into administrative roles. In recent years, the changes to healthcare reform, the aging population, and the retirement of the “Baby Boom Generation” have caused a sharp rise in Healthcare Management and Administration positions. The highly specialized healthcare MBA enables graduates to work in administrative roles including:

  • hospitals
  • long-term care facilities
  • rehabilitation facilities
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • insurance companies

Ranking Methodology

This ranking list was created to highlight the top-ranked campus-based MBA programs in the United States that offer a specialization in Healthcare Management or Administration. To be considered for our ranking, schools needed to:

  • hold regional accreditation
  • demonstrate a commitment to healthcare through extensive course offerings
  • have hands-on training opportunities through internships, practicums, or other professional development training

The list was then ranked according to a combination of cost of attendance and the student to faculty ratio. Specializations, awards and achievements earned by the school or department have also been noted.

Student to Faculty Ratio

  • 10:1 or less= 5 Points
  • 11:1 to 15:1= 3 Points
  • Greater than 15:1= 1 Point

Average Graduate Tuition

  • Less than $20,000 per year= 4 Points
  • $20,001 to $30,000 per year= 3 Points
  • $30,001 to $40,000 per year= 2 Points
  • Greater than $40,000 per year= 1 Point
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